One Card

One Card

Increase efficiency and reduce costs with one payment solution

The U.S. Bank Canada One Card combines purchasing and corporate card programs in a single streamlined payment solution. The one card integrates transactions with one process, one staff, one card issuer and one invoice.

With this powerful solution, organizations can:

  • Automate payment and reconciliation processes
  • Simplify administrative task and maximize cost savings
  • Reduce paperwork including requisitions, purchase orders, invoices and cheques
  • Enhance cash management with cycle-based payments

Easy to implement and manage, the one card is the right solution to:

  • Manage purchasing, travel and entertainment (T&E) and vehicle related expenses with spending controls and point-of-sale restrictions
  • Centralize payment and corporate liability
  • Monitor compliance with spending policies and negotiated volume thresholds
  • Integrate transaction data seamlessly with your financial systems
  • Tailor the program to meet the unique needs of your organization

One Card – One Process – One Solution

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