Contactless Chip & Pin Technology

At U.S. Bank Canada we are committed to providing our customers with secure payment for all corporate, purchasing and commercial card program needs. 

The Canadian payment card industry supports Chip & PIN and Contactless Chip & Pin payment technology for all credit, debit and charge cards in Canada. These EMV payment technologies are in wide use around the world offering proven state-of-the-art security.

Contactless Chip & PIN FAQs

Contactless Chip & PIN offers a secure payment method. The embedded chip stores information required to verify, authorize and process transactions. The chip embedded in the card is nearly impossible to duplicate. In addition, chip cards and terminals work together to ensure highly secure transactions using stronger authentication methods at the point of sale.

The combination of stronger authentication methods and unique transaction elements make chip-card account data less attractive to steal and counterfeit fraud exceedingly difficult.

Below are answers to some questions you may have about our Contactless Chip & Pin cards.

How does a contactless transaction work?

Contactless cards use an embedded computer chip and radio frequency antennae, allowing the cardholder to simply 'tap and go' when making a purchase. Contactless transactions are processed through the same, reliable EMV payment network as contact transactions. Contactless transactions only work when a contactless card is used at a contactless terminal. When used at a non-contactless enabled terminal, the cardholder can insert or swipe the contactless card at the terminal.

Are all cards issued with Contactless Chip & Pin functionality?

Today, Corporate Travel and One Cards are issued with contactless functionality.

How do I use my contactless Chip & PIN card?

You can either insert the card at the terminal or simply “tap and go” when making a purchase. To use the contactless functionality at contactless enabled merchants, follow the instructions below. The process is as follows:

At a contactless enabled terminal,

  • Tap the card to the terminal
  • The terminal will light up and beep indicating the transaction is processing
  • Follow the prompts on the terminal as a guide, always being prepared to enter the PIN if requested
  • If the transaction is above the contactless limit, the terminal will show a message indicating the cardholder should insert their card to complete the transaction.

How to activate and select your PIN?

Upon receipt of a new card, U.S. Bank Canada account holders will need to activate the card and select a new PIN. Please follow these important steps:

  • Call 866.686.2209 to activate the card. On this call account holders will be asked to:
  • Enter requested details to confirm account holder identity
  • Acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of the U.S. Bank Canada Privacy Agreement
  • Select a PIN. Account holder will be asked to enter it once, then again to confirm

Accounts can also be activated online using U.S. Bank Access® Online at:

How to protect your PIN?

The PIN is a key security element and required as validation for transactions, when prompted, at chip-enabled terminals. As always, it is very important that the PIN is safeguarded and account holders take the necessary steps to protect it.

  • Select a PIN that is not obvious information, such as telephone numbers, date of birth, social insurance number, etc.
  • Memorize the PIN. Do not write down the PIN or store it electronically. Only account holders should know their own PIN. Change the PIN immediately if someone else may know it.
  • Never provide the PIN for transactions made over the phone, online or to sales clerks. 

Why are Chip & PIN cards more secure?

The enhanced security of a Chip & PIN card comes from the chip itself as it is encrypted and employs a range of security features and measures that work in concert with each other to create a multi-layered defense against card fraud. When Chip & PIN cards are used at chip-enabled terminals, the transaction system identifies the cardholder through the Chip and the PIN. The enhanced security features of Chip & PIN cards make them virtually impossible to replicate and therefore less likely to be a target for criminals.

Are there any other changes I will notice with my U.S. Bank Canada Contactless Chip & PIN card?

You will notice a slight change to the appearance of the card from the current card design. Most noticeably is the contactless icon, which will now appear on the front of the card. 

How can I change my PIN or have it reset because I have forgotten it?

PINs can be changed online using U.S. Bank Access® Online at: or by calling the customer service number on the back of your card and selecting the prompts to PIN Options. To change your PIN when calling customer service, you will need to know your current PIN. If you have forgotten your current PIN, still call the customer-service number on the back of your card and request that your PIN be mailed to you. Please be aware that we cannot provide a PIN over the phone. You can expect to receive your PIN 7 to 10 business days after you request it. 

Note: When changing your PIN online, you do not need to know your current PIN.

Who can I contact if I have questions or concerns about my U.S. Bank Canada Contactless Chip & PIN card?

For questions or concerns about your U.S. Bank Canada Contactless Chip & PIN card, please contact your
U.S. Bank Canada representative or call 800.588.8065.